One of this year’s biggest conventions for TV, film, video games, and comic books just ended this weekend. The world’s favorite artists, directors and actors came together to meet with fans and premiere exclusive content. Below, we round up all the best things that came out of the San Diego Comic Con 2016.

Justice League

Movie studios usually do use comic conventions as a venue to debut trailers for their upcoming movies.  Justice League might not premiere for another year or so, but Warner Bros. already dropped their trailer for the movie’s Part One. The teaser followed Batman as he tried to get Aquaman and the Flash to join his team. The special Comic Con clip, which were full of jokes and funny moments, stood in sharp contrast to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the film Warner Bros. released earlier this year.

Wonder Woman

The Justice League isn’t the only DC movie coming up soon. Warner Bros. also debuted the trailer for Wonder Woman  at this year’s Comic Con. Wonder Woman herself, actress Gal Gadot, was also present at this year’s panel. According to BBC, Gadot described her character as having “the heart of a human and the strength of a goddess.” The exclusive clip showed the iconic super heroine as she tried to save humans from themselves.

Doctor Strange

DC Comics’ biggest rival, Marvel, also used Comic Con 2016 to premiere trailers for their upcoming projects. Among the trailers they debuted this year is the teaser clip for Doctor Strange. 

Captain Marvel

Wonder Woman isn’t the only badass female superhero in town. Captain Marvel will also fly to the big screen soon. At this year’s Comic Con panel, Marvel officially confirmed that Oscar winner, Brie Larson, will take on the movie’s titular role.

Call me Captain Marvel.

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Game of Thrones

Movie studios weren’t the only ones who dominated this year’s San Diego event, though. Hit HBO series, Game of Thrones also had a place at the table, where they released a Season 7 teaser.

What was your favorite Comic Con 2016 highlight? Sound off below!