Comic Con 2016 is almost here and rumors are ripe about what’s to come. One of these latest rumors suggest that more characters from the DC universe are coming to television.

At present, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Gotham bring to life beloved DC characters. Each show is packed with these individuals–whether they be heroes or villains. Arrow alone welcomes season 5 with the addition of District Attorney Adrian Chase, Susan Williams, and Tobias Church, among others.

Meanwhile, The Flash is also looking forward to season 3 with the addition of Kid Flash and another mysterious speedster. This proves that the DC series won’t have a shortage of interesting new faces come fall.

Comic Con 2016 rumors

However, aside from these confirmed characters, one interesting name joins the rumor mill.

According to a report by Bleeding Cool, Kate Kane, a.k.a. Batwoman, will recur in Supergirl as Maggie Sawyer’s ex. As per the source, her missions bring her back to National City from time to time.

While this qualifies as very interesting news for fans, it’s important to note that nothing is confirmed yet. Based on Bleeding Cool’s disclaimer, some of the rumors they relayed may never be announced at all.

Still, it can’t be dismissed that this information may still prove true. If indeed there are plans of bringing to Batwoman to the Supergirl story line, then a Comic Con 2016 announcement will be a great way to do it. With regard to this possibility, one of two things can happen.

One, the character is announced but casting remains a mystery. Two, the character is cast and debuts on Comic Con 2016. Between the two, a surprise debut at the event itself sounds more exciting.

Apart from Batwoman, ComicBook relays that characters like Oracle and John Constantine could also appear in DC shows. As projected, Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Oracle joins Batwoman in Supergirl.

It is important to note though that none of these are official; hence, better take them with a grain of salt.

The truth comes out when Comic Con 2016 finally arrives.