“Comedy Bang! Bang!” returns for its fifth season on television with a new bandleader joining the simulated talk show.

When the show premieres on June 3, musical satirist Weird Al Yankovic will be the new bandleader of host Scott Aukerman, The New York Times wrote. The rapport between Aukerman and Yankovic appears evident in one of the promotional clips for “Comedy Bang! Bang!” season 5. Moreover, the new bandleader looks excited to be part of the show despite questions about his decision. Nonetheless, Yankovic welcomed the chance to be part of the show as he felt it suited him well at this point in his life.

“Some people weren’t sure if it was the right career move, to be somebody’s sidekick on a low-rated cable show,” Yankovic revealed to the publication. “What’s nice is, I’m at a point in my life that I don’t have to be so focused on what’s good for my career,” he added. As a previous guest and fan of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” Yankovic also felt comfortable with its “improvised environment.”

“I can be saying stupid stuff, trying to add my own two cents, and I never have to worry about, ‘Oh, is that going to look dumb or play flat?’ If it is, they don’t use it. The joy of editing,” Yankovic explained. The show also gives Yankovic an opportunity to share his musical talents. As the new bandleader, he did musical cues that would play as the celebrities walked on the set. Although he revealed his 20-second songs were at times cut to two seconds by the production.

“Sometimes they’ll cut them down to two seconds, I’m like: ‘What! How could you do that to my 20-second song?’” Yankovic said.

Host Scott Aukerman created “Comedy Bang! Bang!” that began as a podcast in 2009 and eventually went on television in 2012, Consequence of Sound recalled. The show’s format mimics that of a talk show. However, Aukerman adds several twists with the aid of “unique editing, bizarre story lines, and absurd banter,” the publication described. The original bandleader, Reggie Watts, left the show after three seasons. Kid Cudi took over his role in season 4. However, the show faced a problem as Cudi’s recording and touring commitments coincided with production for season 5.

“We were just in such a bind that it was like a Hail Mary pass for me. I was just like, ‘you know what would solve all of this? If ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic did the show,’” Aukerman said.

Watch the promotional clips for season 5 of “Comedy Bang! Bang!”