Social media giant Twitter has shut down the officials accounts administered by Colombia’s second largest rebel group, the ELN. Twitter’s move came after the rebels perpetrated violence ahead of the formal peace talks.

The rebel group used their accounts: @ELN_Colombia and @ELN_Ranpal, to proliferate political agendas and related discussions regarding the preparatory talks with the Colombian government.

The ban came after Twitter considered it a violent call, rather than a formal engagement in peace talks.

Twitter has not explained about the shutdowns in detail. It is suspected to be related to armed attacks and warning tweets to people to stay away from military bases.

“The entire population is requested not to approach military garrisons and police stations. Maximum diligence!” the group  tweeted.

Twitter can suspend an account for violating the social media regulations. These include: terrorist tweets , threatening messages and cyber bullying. It does not allow accounts which incite harm to others.

However Twitter has not blocked Colombia’s largest rebel group, the FARC, which has been in peace talks since late 2012.

The group is considered as a terrorist organization by the US government. Over the past week, the group has been prompting armed strikes to halt the economical working across Colombia. It included the 50th anniversary of the death of ELN leader and icon Camilo Torres, who was killed by the Colombian military on February 15, 1966, according to  Colombia Reports.

Political tension still persists between ELN and the government. Recently, the communication collapsed from both sides. According to ELN’s press release, the “violent neoliberal model” is causing inequality in the country.

In a statement, ELN said: “ How can we talk peace if the roads that promote the changes and transformations necessary to resolve the causes that gave rise to the armed conflict and build decent life for the majority become unviable?” in a report by Telesur.