Colombia police has become a centre point in the society as some police officials have been accused of their involvement in a prostitution network.

The scandal involves major officials like deputy minister, a journalist and a police chief, who was supposed to resign in February.

The homosexual network, “Fellowship of the Ring”, is believed to have have been led by senior police officials. The ring was operated within the police academy between 2004 and 2008.

The Guardian reports that police cadets gave sexual service to officers and congressmen, who were lavishly paid cars, gifts and fat sum of money.

The prostitution ring was revealed in 2014, when 10 former cadets were accused of killing a female cadet, Maritza Zapata in 2006. Earlier it was tagged a suicide, but the murder cases opened the hidden ring.

In 2015, the sexual service network came into light, when Vicky Dávila , a radio journalist aired the testimonies of police cadets. The show revealed the sordid scandals of sexual harassment by Colombian officials. It also included its chief, Rodolfo Palomino.

Following an investigation, Palomino’s voice was not in the recordings. Though his involvement in the prostitution network has still not been proven. Also, he had to resign from the police duties as well.

“Just as the attorney general’s office has been investigating and thus far has not found evidence linking me (to the scandal), I’m sure the inspector general’s office won’t find anything either.” Palomino said in a report by Sputnik.

On February 17, Dávila aired a video which believed to have proven the existence of the prostitution ring. Sadly, she resigned from La FM Radio after the company was forced by president of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos. Anyelo Palacios, a police captain, made the video about the sexual experiences with then-senator Carlos Ferro. The video was shared widely on social network.

Ferro was the deputy minister of the interior and later resigned. During an interview, Ferro’s wife said: “ We have to stay together for our two children,”.