AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has slammed a section of fans for erecting the anti-muslim banners at the recent Collingwood Vs Richmond game. He has dubbed the act as deeply offensive.

The AFL boss has vowed to prevent the sport from being vilified by the society states an official statement. “Our game has a history of egalitarianism and inclusion, and we must make sure that it continues to be a place where all Australians feel welcome,” said Gillon McLachlan. “The sentiment on that banner, and the use of our game to push divisive and ignorant commentary will be rejected by our supporters and our clubs,” he added.

AFL will also be holding a media conference at 4:15 pm today.

Collingwood Football Club President Eddie McGuire has announced that the club will assist police in every possible way to identify the miscreants. ABC News reports that Victoria Police will review the evidence to determine existence of an offence. Even the players have slammed the banners and have stood up against the racial abuse of Bachar Houli, Richmond’s defender.

North Melbourne’s Majak Daw took to Twitter to post his views on all that transpired during the game. “’Racism. It stops with me’. After last night’s events now is an important time to keep reinforcing this message,” he tweeted. “Racism is a refuge for the ignorant and it disappoints me they use the footy platform to vent their fears,” added Nic Naitanui.

Blake Cottrell, leader and other members of United Patriots Front unveiled an anti-muslim banner at Collingwood Vs Richmond game at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The banner was displayed under the scoreboard during the second quarter informs The New Daily. It read “Go Pies, Stop the Mosques.” It is also believed that Bachar Houli was subjected to racist slurs. MCG officials revealed that the disgusting banner was removed and those holding it were evicted from the ground.