The murder case of Massachusetts’ Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer has taken a new turn with the revelation of a CCTV video footage.

The Boston Globe uploaded the video that showed the teacher walking down the corridor’s way to the washroom with a smile, waving someone out of sight and then not emerging out of it. The CCTV video footage features Ritzer’s student, Philip Chism, following her to the bathroom without her knowledge. The teen student raped her and then stabbed her almost 16 times to ensure she was dead. He then loaded Ritzer’s dead body into a recycling bin and wheeled her out.

The Mirror UK reported that during an algebra class on October 22, 2013, she saw Chism doodling and hence asked him to stay back at school. Her only intention behind this was to ensure her student was settling well after shifting to the new school from Tennessee following his parents’ divorce. According to a witness, Chism seemed agitated on that day when Ritzer asked him about his old town, Tennessee. However, Ritzer somehow felt the agitation and hence changed the topic.

Ritzer had been in her dream job as a teacher just for two years. Her records expressed how helpful she was to her students. Her fellow colleagues respected her and she was admired by her pupils. According to reports, she used to motivate her students with inspirational quotes while teaching in class.

Just after few hours of the incident, police found Colleen’s half-nude body accompanied by a note that read, “I hate you all.” Police officials arrested Chism while he took a walk along a local highway. He reportedly confessed his crime and added that “I became the teacher” after she insulted him. According to The Sun, he was attended by medical practitioners who claimed that he had inconsistent symptoms and he was hardly aware of differentiating between right and wrong.

Two days following deliberation, the judicial authorities found Chism guilty of first-degree rape and murder. He was also charged with armed robbery for stealing his teacher’s credit cards.