In two weeks, Coldplay will officially launch their seventh album. So, what could fans expect from the band’s latest album? Lead vocalist Chris Martin hinted that songs from their new album were inspired by several artists including the “Hotline Bling” singer.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Martin gave details how the band came up with their new album entitled, “A Head Full of Dreams.”

“We wanted to marry all the music that we love, from Drake to Oasis. Here was a feeling that we don’t have anything to lose. We’re very comfortable now with the fact that we’re not for everybody,” Martin said.

As reported on The Wall Street Journal, Coldplay revealed that they decided to break out from their usual songs. The band even worked with producers Tor Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen, who were responsible for hit songs of pop star Rihanna.

So will there be some dance tracks on their new album?

One notable song is entitled “Hymn for the Weekend” wherein they got Queen Bey to be their guest vocals. The site mentioned that said song is a very unusual Coldplay song.

Martin shared the story behind the song and said,

“The original kernel was that I was listening to Flo Rida or something, and I thought, it’s such a shame that Coldplay could never have one of those late-night club songs, like “Turn Down for What.” What would we call it if we had one? I thought I’d like to have a song called “Drinks on Me” where you sit on the side of a club and buy everyone drinks because you’re so f—ing cool. I was chuckling about that, when this melody came—“drinks on me, drinks on me”—then the rest of the song came out.”

When he presented it to the band, Martin revealed that they loved it. However, his bandmates knew that he cannot sing it well. Thus, the song collaboration with Beyoncé was born.

The lead vocalist told the site that Coldplay has learned to embrace the recording technology of this era. He noted that they became freer when they accepted computers as instruments.

“A Head Full of Dreams” will be officially launched on December 4. The band will also have a US tour next summer and will feature “jazz fusion,” Rolling Stone wrote.

Are you excited to dance to a Coldplay song?