Clown sightings 2016 is all set to reach the public on Saturday night when the Clown Lives Matter march will be held to show that real clowns are not harmful but friendly.

Several clowns will be seen on the streets in Tucson for a “Clown Lives Matter” campaign peace walk scheduled to exhibit the kind nature and behavior of the clowns. Recently, clown fear has become a national issue as the United States considers them dangerous and life-threatening. The peace walk will focus on the friendly attitude and harmlessness of the jesters.

Around 50 people will pose like clowns wearingcostumes and holding flowers, balloon, etc. as a symbol of peace and friendship. They will reportedly show their magic tricks while marching. Event organizer Nicole Sinn described the planned event.

“A lot of people are going against clowns,” Sinn said on Thursday. “I don’t like that people are thinking that every single person that has clown makeup on is trying to hurt them or their children.”

There have been instances where people pose like clowns and threaten the public. The incidents have increased so much in the US that clowns have become a symbol of threat and death rather than humor and friendship. In short, according to Stuff NZ, scary clowns have faded the effects of professional clowns that used to make people laugh over their actions and silly jokes.

A flyer has been prepared for the event, which includes half the face of scary jesters accompanied by red ink write-ups. Sinn claimed that it will be a peaceful walk to prove that clowns “are not psycho killers.” The march will aim at offering a feeling of safety to the public.

Part-time “Snuggles the Clown” Pennsylvanian Jordan Jones, who is also the initiator of the Clown Lives Matter movement offering clown sightings 2016, has given many interviews and expressed his fears over his life as a clown. “At the end of the day, people look at me like I’m a clown trying to hurt them,” he said. “I feel that people are out clown hunting because they think it’s cool now. I’m scared that someone might take a swing.”