Billionaire politician Clive Palmer is portrayed as someone innocent in an advertisement he launched about himself. He has been depicted in the advertisement as a “political prisoner” who has not got a fair trial.

Palmer United Party published the video. It is authorised in the name of Declan Sheridan, who is a close friend, as well as, a business partner of Clive Palmer’s daughter Emily.  They jointly own Brisbane café, Beans on Queen. Sheridan is the director of two other companies owned by Emily Palmer, The Australian reported.

The video urges the public to release “Australia’s political prisoner.” It suggests that everybody in Australia is entitled to fair trial unless you are Clive Palmer.

It also accuses the media of trying to destroy the Palmer United Party leaders’ careers. The ad says, “it’s trial by media, they’ll stop at nothing to get him out of government.”

The ad further states, “They’ll stop at nothing to get him out of government. Release Australia’s political prisoner and see more of the real achievements Palmer United has made for our country.”

According to, Palmer’s advertisement is an attempt to redeem his reputation after the Queensland Nickel refinery controversy. Clive Palmer came under fire after  allegedly taking $200 million from the company before it went into liquidation. The company has to pay more than $70 million to 787 workers.

Moreover, the ABC four Corners Programme claimed that Clive Palmer is seriously involved in the multi-million dollar spending decisions despite officially going off duty from a formal role with Queensland Nickel after his election to the parliament.

Previously, Palmer has defended himself for his supposed involvement in the company’s multi-million dollar spending decisions and at the same time criticised Four Corner investigation. He also urged the Programme to give him a fair go.

Meanwhile, the advertisement has been criticised by many in the social media platforms.

A person tweeted, “The best you could do us all, is just to piss off, go and bury ya head in the sand somewhere.”