Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off in Thursday’s Democratic primary debate in Brooklyn. It was co-hosted by NY1.

The following were the key points of their debate.

Middle East & Terrorism

Libya – While talking about the Obama administration’s failure to plan for post-Gaddafi Libya, Clinton said they were caught up in a very difficult position. She added that Sanders voted for U.S. action.

Sanders said that there have been unpredictable consequences due to regime changes. He also stated that he voted to decide whether there should be democracy in Libya.

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Syria – Clinton’s idea of a no-fly zone in Syria is something that Sanders believes would get the U.S. mixed up in another war there.

According to Clinton, safe asylums are needed for Syrians who oppose Bashar al-Assad, says Variety.

Gaza – According to Sanders, U.S. actions in Gaza were a “disproportionate attack.” However, he is “100 percent pro-Israel” and believes terrorism should be destroyed at any cost.

“I don’t know how you run a country when you are under constant attack,” Clinton said.

Shielding Obama

Clinton is known as a defender of President Obama in debates. While Sanders has been critical of the White House’s trade policy, Clinton expressed reservations about the UN climate pact for falling short.

“I really believe the president has done a great job against incredible odds,” she said.

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But Sanders said that little steps and “incrementalism” are not enough. However, Sanders is left unsatisfied when he is trying to get an answer from Clinton regarding carbon tax.

“I don’t take a back seat to your legislation (on climate change) that you failed to get passed,” Clinton said.

The Goldman Sachs Speeches

“If there’s nothing in those speeches, why not release them?” she was asked.

“As I’ve said, if everybody agrees to do it, I’ll do it,” Clinton said.

In response Sanders said that he’ll release all of the speeches he had made to Wall Steet.” The response ended with a big applause, says NY1.

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Gun Violence

Clinton’s campaign has been on an offensive foot when it comes to gun control.  She slammed Sanders for voting against the Brady Bill.

Sanders blamed Clinton by saying that she claimed Vermont was to blame for New York’s gun violence. According to Sanders, Clinton sounds absurd with that statement.

She said that guns used in crime come from out of state. She also added that Sanders has been a well-known supporter of the NRA.

About Winning

“I believe that we are going to win the nomination and that we are going to obliterate Donald Trump in November,” Sanders said.

Clinton said that her campaign is moving ahead in not just delegates, but “pledged” delegates. She believes that ending up with the delegates they need will unite the party and move them to the general election.