Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton said in an interview on Thursday that she will be the nominee for her party and her race against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is over. She also didn’t completely abandon the possibility of Sanders becoming her vice-president if she wins the final race.

“I will be the nominee for my party,” Clinton told the CNN in an interview. “That is already done, in effect. There is no way that I won’t be.”

Clinton’s deduction of her winning the Democratic Party nomination is based on the number of delegates to her credit, which wouldn’t be able to suppress the growing animosity between hers’ and Sanders’ supporters.

The Vermont Senator has been facing pressure to quit the race after Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. But the Vermont Senator vowed to fight till the last vote is cast despite Clinton already holding a strong lead in the delegates count.

Clinton has tried to ignore these claims by addressing them directly in an effort to shift her focus on Trump. When asked if she considered Sanders to be a possible choice for her vice president she said, “I won’t get into that.” She also declined to answer whether Sanders is being considered for the No. 2 slot.

CNN reported that she did not completely rule out the possibility of Sanders becoming her running mate, saying, “That’s something down the road.”

A clash that ensued between Democratic Party leaders and Sanders’ supporters over last weekend in Nevada has raised concerns over the party’s unity, the BBC reported. Supporters of Sanders yelled at party leaders and the state party Chairwoman Roberta Lange also received a death threat later.

Sanders decried the violence in a formal statement, saying, “Our campaign of course believes in nonviolent change and it goes without saying that I condemn any and all forms of violence, including the personal harassment of individuals.”