Hillary Clinton said voters need to decide if they want US President Barack Obama’s policies to continue or not.

According to the former US secretary of state, she is going to carry President Obama’s policies forward while Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has a different set of policies to follow. Whether voters in Iowa support Clinton or Sanders will depend upon how much they support Obama, she says.

Clinton says speculations about Democratic presidential candidates are “entertaining.” However, they need to carry on doing what they believe in.

The former US first lady is asked in an interview with NBC News if she is worried that her experience as a politician is not an “asset” in the coming elections. She says she believes people agree with her on her policies on various issues like healthcare and economy. People take her experience into account while making a decision about her worth as a candidate, she says.

Clinton is asked about the “one issue” she is going to fight for. She replies that there cannot be only one particular issue. There are a number of issues, she says.

“I know what people are going through,” Clinton says while she talks about rising prices for medicines. “I’m going to use whatever tools I can to get us lower prices.”

“But I’m also going to focus on the economy,” Clinton adds. “Because unless we create more jobs, and get incomes rising and fix the tax system.”

Sanders has told The Washington Post that Clinton’s “desperate” campaign is no match for the kind of excitement his campaign has generated. In the NBC News interview, she laughs off the suggestion that her campaign lacks enthusiasm.

Clinton says she has a “really good team” on the ground, working it out for her. The team has been working for months to make sure it’s not here today, gone tomorrow, she adds.