“Cleverman” debuted to some absolutely fantastic reviews and it is no wonder that a Season 2 is in the works already. Actor Hunter Page-Lochard thinks the show is a “piece of gold.”

ABC’s “Cleverman” premiered in Australia and the United States. It will also be aired in the UK on BBC1. The show had a fantastic start and has already been renewed for Season 2 in Australia and overseas. Actor Hunter Page-Lochard, who plays Koen West in the series, feels that the show is groundbreaking.

“It’s groundbreaking and it’s time for people to see it finally, so I’m over the moon. I think this is a piece of gold,” told Page-Lochard. He plays Koen West who inherits his uncle’s powers in the show.

The Advertiser states that like on television, Page-Lochard might be a “Cleverman” in real life too. “Not long after we finished, I was talking to my uncle who mentioned that on my pop’s side down the line there was a ‘Cleverman’ in the family,” he said. “He says it’s in my blood. It’s insane. Well, that’s the story anyway — I can’t be 100 percent sure,” he added.

The show based in the near future showcases a dystopic Australian society. It laces the story with Aboriginal mythology. According to Deadline, the show also focuses on the dynamics between two estranged brothers who are forced to join hands for the greater good.

“The world that Ryan Griffen and the rest of the team behind ‘Cleverman’ have created is a perfect blend of timeless mythology seen through the prism of a near future lens,” said Joel Stillerman, president of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV. It is no wonder that people have fallen in love with it.

While the world celebrates the first Aboriginal superhero, Page-Lochard celebrates his cultural heritage. After shooting for the show, he has even more appreciation and understanding for the spiritual aspect of his culture. “The big thing I learnt from that show is respect — respect to spirits and ancestors. It taught me a lot about my own identity and spirituality. And ‘Cleverman’ is like the cherry on top,” he signs off.