ABC’s “Cleverman” debuts on ABC TV and ABC iView tonight. Here are five reasons why the show could be an interesting watch.

ABC’s “Cleverman” reaches out to Australia’s rich cultural history to dish out about its latest superhero. A cast boasting of Indigenous actors and a drama seeped in mythology, “Cleverman” promises to be an interesting watch on Aussie TVs. Here are some top reasons why you should watch this six-part series that will premiere today.

  1. For starters, the series has an interesting storyline. According to The New Daily, Koen West is played by Hunter Page-Lochard. He inherits his uncle’s powers, the original Cleverman, after the latter’s mysterious death. However, here is the twist. West’s half-brother, Waruu, was assumed to be Cleverman’s heir.
  2. The story is deeply rooted in lore and mythology. Australians might be familiar with it. But viewers across the globe might not be. This is what it makes it fascinating as viewers will get something new to watch. Uproxx explains that the series focuses on the conflicts between the human race and a mythological one. The latter are called Hairies and have supernatural powers.
  3. The main character played by Page-Lochard is shown having flexible moral standards. So we won’t have a completely “do-the-right-thing” hero here. He works as a barkeep and rents out apartments to Hairies trying to escape the authorities. However, he won’t think twice before ratting them out for a little extra cash.
  4. Half-brother Waruu, assumed to be the next Cleverman, is also a flawed character. In the course of the six episodes, viewers will see him falter on account of his own vanity and his struggle for power.
  5. According to Tampa Bay Times, despite the mythology, the show includes certain points that are relevant to today’s society. For example, issues like Australia’s indigenous racism, human rights, and others are very pertinent today. The show also gives us our first Aboriginal superhero. It is also one of the few that has an 80 percent cast made up of Indigenous actors.