The NBA free agency is heating up and news about the trades so far have been meaty. Reigning as this year’s NBA Finals Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ decisions on the agency will factor in largely for next season.

In terms of what is known so far, a number of free agents already secured two-year to four-year deals with their new homes. Some players stayed with their current teams. Amidst the trades, few of the NBA teams emerged victorious. Select team scored players who had the potential of changing the game for them.

One of these teams is the Bolton Celtics, who signed Al Horford with a four-year, $113 million deal. As we relayed previously, one analyst projected that Horford gives the Celtics an improved performance in the future.

Other notable news on the free agency front includes Manu Guinobli’s announcement of a return for next season and Joakim Noah joining Derrick Rose in the New York Knicks.

How Cousins fit with the Cleveland Cavaliers

With teams beefing up their rosters, Quenton Albertie of King James Gospel eyes one player fit for the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to him, the Cavs should go for Demarcus Cousins. Albertie projects Cousins as a overly-skilled player, yet one who doesn’t share a chemistry with his own team.

Albertie details instances that suggest Demarcus Cousins is not in sync with the organization he’s with. Albertie writes the following:

“While Cousins tries to sculpt the team he leads into a force on the floor with his play, the Sacramento Kings front office is making things very uncomfortable for him.”

Hence, the analyst goes on to say that with Cousins’ “unhappy”, it won’t be impossible if he decides to walk away from the Kings.

NBA Free Agency 2016: What We Know So Far

Meanwhile, in the Cavaliers front, Love is someone who shares almost a similar dilemma to that of Cousins. He’s made sacrifices for his team. But out of the Big Three, he’s the one who seems to no longer fit with the team perfectly.

Although Albertie clarifies that the Cleveland Cavaliers won’t trade Love anytime soon, Cousins joining the team does makes sense.