Cleveland Cavaliers has been struggling in the NBA Finals. With their first two games against Golden State Warriors down in the score slump, their misfortune piled up when Kevin Love sustained a concussion in Game 2.

As a consequence, Love and his epic rebounding which help Cavaliers score points was missing in Game 3. However, it turned around for the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 as they finally managed to overcome their losses and bring back the game to their side. Game 3 ended with a win for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Regarding the suspension for game 3, Coach Tyronn Lue said it was tough. “He wanted to play. He was very upset about the situation,” USA Today quoted Lue as saying.

However, the Cavaliers was determined to make their center feel good and dedicated Game 3 to him.

As Cleveland Cavaliers Game 4 approaches, doubts surrounding Kevin Love’s appearance started to surface. Hours before Game 4 today, Coach Lue remained mum on the subject though he did confirm that if Kevin Love were to be cleared, he’d allow the power forward to play.

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“We need him back. We miss his rebounding. We miss his post presence. We miss his three-point shooting. So we want him back, but he has to take the steps necessary to get himself back,” Coach Lue said of Love and his rebounding skills.

Statistics show that with Love on the floor, Cleveland Cavaliers’ net efficiency rating is higher with him playing.

However, at 8:05pm, US News reported that Kevin Love is finally cleared for Cleveland Cavaliers Game 4.

Reacting to the news, Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr said that their lineup will definitely change due to Love’s presence. However, he was quick to add that it is nothing major.

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Just goes to show that Kevin Love is still a major force to be reckoned with in the court. As for Cleveland Cavaliers Game 4, Love going back means they have a better chance of going for a second straight win in the NBA Finals against Golden State Warriors.

Cleveland Cavaliers Game 4 against Golden State Warriors is scheduled for Friday, June 10, 9:00PM ET (Saturday, June 11, 11:00AM NSW).