‘Clash of Clans’ bug fixes were recently updated to achieve some major changes to improve the gameplay.

Supercell, the game developer behind this game, prioritized the crashes that happen on in-game events and other related issues most gamers complain about.

Neurogadget reported that ‘Clash of Clans’ changed parts of the game to fix bugs as well as to do minor edits like the following:

  • Fixes on War Expectators to allow players to see War details
  • Crashes that happen during Friendly challenge messages received while Matchmaking or moving around the Village
  • League badges should be shown in Friend Lists
  • Eliminating “move all” crash in Edit mode
  • Notifications on “You Forgot to train your troops/brew spells already set to 12 hours
  • Adjustment on new item text
  • Showing correct outcomes on replays and live replays
  • Disabling dragging troops and spells to the front queue
  • Allowing players to see status activities on Wars like upgrading Tesla during Matchmaking

Other optional updates were also fixed aside from the ones listed above. In fact, ‘Clash of Clans’ gameplay was under maintenance for some hours before it ran again with all the fixes made.

According to Neurogadget, Supercell also created some changes, though minor, to ensure high-quality gameplay. Most of the bugs they fixed were more on crashes that usually happen during the in-game.

Below are some of the updates the game developer made:

  • Ensuring no crashes occur when more than 80 messages are received from global chat
  • Automatic scroll to the most recent message in the global chat
  • Ensuring “back” button in the Layout Editor’s Move All as well as the Photo Mode works well when used by the player

Major updates were also mentioned by Touch Arcade with new troops and more Class Friendly challenges.

Based on the report, they said that ‘Clash of Clans’ seems to look like ‘Clash Royale’ because of the new add-on challenge gamers could do when attacking a certain village.

They can actually invite a clanmate whenever they attack a certain village with no gold, troops and heroes to consume, which is an amazing way to test the gamers’ defenses or their clan mates’ military tactics.

The replays of each battle sum up the newest and the coolest experience for playing ‘Clash of Clans.’ Due to these updates, there were a lot of downloads from App Stores both in Android and iOS recorded from gamers.

Watch the new ‘Clash of Clans’ Class Friendly Challenges, updates and more here!