The month of November is indeed the best time for gaming aficionados around the globe. With “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3,” rolling-out just a few days from now, comes the announcement of a major update arriving for “Clash of Clans.”

While there is no confirmation on the exact date for the update, it is heavily rumored to be coming out this month, as shared by Neurogadget.

Fans are probably wondering what’s new? The update will bring a new Town Hall Level, a new Hero as well as a new defensive troop. Gamers can lightly pencil in either 11th or 12th November in their calendars, for the update.

As noted by Business Insider, it takes about two years for the most ardent gamers to reach the top level. There have also been instances of gamers shelling out the bucks to get to the top.

But to help you, we have listed out 10 tricks to help up with acing the clash, without having to empty your pockets.

1. Build Smart

In a game that revolves around building and protecting your village, to begin with, it pays to build smart. Ensure that you have a really neat village layout, which is bound to be quite beneficial in the long run, helping you with acquiring those trophies.

2. Save Up

Hold onto those precious gems and use them wisely so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest and won’t have to dig in your pocket

3. Shields Down

Avoid getting your shields broken down when tackling an attack from other villages. Be alert and be smart and get to keep your shields intact.

4. Pick a Clan

What fun is “Clash of Clans” without joining a clan? It just pushes the fun-factor up a notch and brings in the community feel.

5. Build Strong Defenses

Work hard towards having your armor in place and build your defenses right from the beginning, to easily ward-off any attack coming your way.

6. Strategize

Work out a strategy to position everything in its right place. Gamers can opt for placing Town Halls on the outside. So that, when under attack, Town Halls are targeted first, which protects the collectors.

7. Employ Cheap Attacks

In a smart move, gamers can save-up resources and not spend it on training troops and instead opt for cheap attacks like “Barch” and the right base.

8. Troops

Opt for “Tier 1” troops such as the archers and barbarians to easily upgrade and enjoy looting, attacking and surviving out there in the wild.

9. Spend Time Understanding

Take some time out to accurately understand the game, which will give you the edge with planning, strategizing and plotting your moves in advance. This will take you a long way ahead!

10. Collect Resources

Make sure to collect resources along the way and upgrade your storage as well, to go much higher in the game.

“Clash of Clans” can keep coming back for more information on the upcoming update.