There is a buzz that Cinderella and Four Knights Season 2 is coming for real! Has the cliffhanger ending driven the show creators to go ahead with the second season?

South Korean drama Cinderella and Four Knights is an international hit, and the spontaneous acting of the cast received a great response.  However, many fans do not seem happy with the ending of the show. The climax left many fans unsatisfied. They believe the ending was pretty much predictable.

At the end of Cinderella and Four Knights, we saw everything fall into place between Eun Ha-Won and  Kang Jo-Woon as they became a live-happily-ever-after couple. Even things abruptly got fixed between Kang Hyun-min and Park Hye-Ji.  Even their younger brother Kang Seo-Woo has always been keen to know about Eun Ha-Won. We don’t know how they suddenly changed their feelings.

As the title suggests, there could have been more twist in the ending. The fans might have expected to see these three knights fighting for the Cinderella of the story. Perhaps it was the missing part, which has left the fans unhappy.

Later on, the official Facebook page for the show threw a billion-dollar question for fans, asking them: “Are you guys satisfied with the ending?” The question prompted many fans to answer with an ‘NO’. Looking at the scenario, can it be speculated that the dissatisfaction of the fans is driving the channel to pick up the show for a second season renewal?  Can we hope that Cinderella and Four Knights Season 2 is already on the cards?

As a matter of fact, the show creators prefer to put cliffhanger endings just to see the audience’s response. Cliffhanger endings always increase chances of the show’s return. Going by the trend, we can expect that Cinderella and Four Knights Season 2 might be arriving anytime soon.

Well, as of now these are only our speculations. The channel has not yet confirmed anything about Cinderella and Four Knights Season 2. Stay tuned for the latest update.