Cinderella and Four Knights episode 8 has left fans pondering many cliffhanger moments. While the world was expecting a love triangle among Hyun-Min, Ha-won and Ji-woon, the episode added an unpredictable tweak in the story. With Hye-Ji and Hyun-min kissing, Cinderella and Four Knights episode 8 has just kicked off a “Love Square” among the four main characters of the show. Is Hye-Ji Hyun-Min’s kiss a game changer?

As planned by Eun Ha-won, the Sky House members visited a vacation house owned by the Haneul group. The only intention was to bring the family closer, which seemed impossible at the beginning due to the estranged relationships. However, Han-won’s persistent behavior made the impossible possible.

As the previous episode of the Korean drama showed, Ha-won is already falling for Kang Ji-Woon, the middle cousin of Kang Hyun-min. Despite their fake engagement, Hyun-min has also started developing true feelings for the show’s female lead. A love triangle, indeed!

A romantic moment between Ha-won and Ji-woon was quite predictable. They got to spend some really private moments on Cinderella and Four Knights episode 8 and ended up locking lips with each other. After Eun Ha-Won accidentally drinks the rice wine, she got a little tipsy. She opened up about her frustrations that no one wanted to enjoy what she had planned for their vacation. Booze makes a lot of crazy things happen to people. Whenever someone gets drunk, it seems like they only want to go with the people who are completely off limits, and that is what happened on Cinderella and Four Knights episode 8.  The two kissed each other after getting drunk.

Preview of Cinderella and Four Knights episode 8:

Romance seemed to be in the air! There was also another couple who basked in the situation. Hye-Ji and Hyun-min were seen being romantic, too. The duo kissed each other passionately even after knowing the truth. Although Hye-Ji knows that Hyun-min is falling for Ha-won, she could not stop herself from getting closer to him. She has had feelings for him since their childhood, so would she take this opportunity? Everything happened with his consent. Is he in? No doubt the kiss was totally out of the blue but it can change everything in no time.  We might see two new love stories emerging soon. What about Hyun-min’s feelings for Ha-won? Will he let go of her so easily?

The bottomline is that things are going to be pretty interesting in the coming days on Cinderella and Four Knights. For more, tune into Cinderella and Four Knights episode 9 airing on Sept. 9, 2016.