The spoilers for Cinderella and Four Knights episode 7 dropped quite a big bombshell, revealing that Eun Ha-won (Park So-dam) is going on a vacation after her graduation. The million-dollar question that begs for an answer is: who will join her during the trip?

The Korean drama Cinderella and Four Knights has created a ripple among fans. Episode 6 of the show left the fans pondering some cliff-hanger moments. Thus, expectations are pretty high for the upcoming chapter.  Here are two potential names on the list who might join the female lead in Cinderella and Four Knights episode 7.

Kang Hyun-min (Ahn Jae-Hyun) – A typical rich spoiled brat who loves female company more than anything. Some children are never too young to acquire a taste for luxury, and Hyun-min is one of them.  On Cinderella and Four Knights, we learned that Kang Hyun-min is in a fake relationship with Ha-won. The world knows that they are engaged but the reality is kept under wraps. However, lately, the ladykiller expressed a desire to turn the fake relationship into a reality. Is he developing a soft spot for Ha-Won?  If he joins the female lead for vacation in Cinderella and Four Knights episode 7, then we might witness a new twist in the story.

Kang Ji-Woon (Jung Il-woo) – He is the middle cousin of Kang Hyun-min. Although he seems to be wild and rebellious on the outside, he is softhearted, extremely lonely and sensitive on the inside.  Ha-won is slowly developing feelings for Ji-Woon in the last few episodes of Cinderella and Four Knights.  In case he accompanies her during her vacation, we can expect to see the two becoming closer. Perhaps it will set off a dramatic love triangle between Ju-woon, Hon-won and Kang Hyun-min.

Watch the preview of Cinderella and Four Knights episode 7:

Things will become fascinating if Hon-won’s childhood friend Park Hye-Ji also joins in. In the previous episode, we saw Hon-won opening up about her relationship with Hyun-min. Hye-Ji now feels that she has an opportunity to be with Hyun-min but he is going weak for Ha-Won,  says  Movie News Guide.

It will be interesting to watch who Ha-won ends up going on a vacation with. Looking at the current flow of the plot, we believe Cinderella and Four Knights episode 7 has many things in store for the fans.  Who will woo Hon-won’s heart?

To know how things will move ahead, tune in to Cinderella and Four Knights episode 7 as it premieres on Sept. 2, 2016 on Drama Fever.