The gripping romantic story is still resonating in Cinderella and Four Knights episode 13. On the last episode, we saw that the love between Eun Ha-Won and Kang ji-Woon has started to blossom, with Ji-Woon confessing his feelings to Ha-Woon. Now the world is speculating whether or not Ha-Won would speak her heart in front of Ji-Woon.  At the same time, there is a million-dollar question: Does CEO Kang approve of Ha-Won for his grandson?

Let us rewind Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 12:

The Korean drama just got a lot more passionate and engaging with the lip-lock shown in the last aired episode.  We witnessed Ji-Woon finally grabbing the opportunity to take Ha-Won out and expressed his true feelings to her.  He told her:  “It’s not Hye Ji, It’s you.” Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 captured one more intimate moment between these two. The episode showed them busy in their passionate lip-locking session.

Does this mean fans will get to see more of Ha-Won and Ji-Woon‘s story in the coming days? Will the series highlight their  full-fledged romance that all fans have been clamoring for?

What can be expected from the show’s coming episodes?

If spoilers are to be believed, Ji-Woon’s grandfather Kim Yong-Gun aka CEO Kang has a major part to play in Ha-Won and Ji-Woon’s burgeoning romance in Cinderella and Four Knights episode 13.  Do you think everything will fall apart with CEO Kang rejecting Ha-Won?

The reason for CEO Kang’s rejection:

Class system is an age-old phenomenon that divides people basing on their financial status. Nowhere is this more evident and yet more inferred than in relationships: people marry into their own class. The love between rich and poor often faces rejection because of huge social pressure. Going by the theory, things appear to be pretty complicated in Ha-Won’s case.

Eun Ha-won is a high school student who aspires to be a teacher.  Since her financial condition didn’t allow her to study further, she went for an alternative. She agreed to Kim Yong-Gun’s condition. He is the Chairperson of the Kang enterprise who offered her a chance to live in his house with his three grandsons.

The likely outcome:

There are chances that CEO Kang disapproves of Ha-Won. Accepting a girl from an underprivileged background, won’t be an easy thing for him, and when it comes to his own grandson, he might prove  to be a true orthodox.  On the contrary, we may witness something unexpected. CEO Kang might consider giving Ha-Won and Ji-Woon’s relationship the green light because Ha-Won is a genuine and sincere girl.

Well, of course these are only speculations based on the spoilers.  The fate of Ha-Won and Ji-Woon’s love story will be known in Cinderella and Four Knights episode 13, which airs on  Friday, Sept. 13, on tvN.