Things are getting intense in Cinderella and Four Knights. The spoilers for Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 reveal that it’s only going to get harder for Ha-Won and Ji-Woon in the coming days.

In the latest episode, we have seen the brewing tension between  four main characters of the show. While earlier it was highly anticipated that Kang Ji-Woon would speak his heart out in front of Eun Ha-Won but things turned upside down for both of them.

With Park Hye-Ji approaching Ji-Woon , there is a new twist in the story.  In episode 10 Hye-Ji asked him to accept her. She reasoned out that she does not want to be rejected by Kang Hyun-Min anymore. Call it destiny or coincidence, Ha-won saw it from her room. Such cliff-hanger moment left the fans to wonder how  Ji-Woon is going to explain himself to her.

Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 spoilers(via Movie News Guide) reveal that the upcoming chapter will emphasize on a major part of Ha-Won and Ji-Woon developing love-story.  If the spoilers are to be believed, it looked like tough times are not yet over for both of them.

Caution Lovebirds! Hard times ahead.

According to the preview of Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 , the fans will see  Ji-Woon accidentally spot Ha-Won’s alleged father hanging around the Skyhouse. It is further being revealed that there will be a moment of confrontation between Ha-Won and Ji-Woon. A devastated Ha-Won is going to ask him ,“Why are you making me feel so pathetic too?” Does it mean, they will soon end up in an estranged relationship? or They will sort things out in a mature way. Will these two be able to sustain the test of time?

At the same time, things do not seem to be very easy for Hye-Ji as well. She will come to know of Ji-Woon feelings for Eun Ha-Won. How will she react? Another rejection might be too much for her too handle. And unfortunately, in both cases, her best friend Ha-Won is the one to be blamed.  Whether or not Hyun-Min continues to make any effort to win Hye-Ji back, we will learn in Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12.

To find out how things will shape between Ha-Won and Ji-Woon tune into Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 airing on September 17.