The most epic kiss just happened on Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12! Kang Ji-Woon and Eun Ha-Won had the time of their life when they locked lips in the latest episode of the popular Korean drama.

While fans were eager to know whether the Kang sibling would manage to take some time off with his lady love and speak his heart, Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 offered all the answers. In the previous episode, the brewing tension between Ji-Woon and Ha-Won seemed to take a complicated shape. Episode 11 of the show was a cliffhanger, and fans were left to wonder whether these two would be able to sustain the test of time.

However, on Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12, things look pretty positive between Ji-Woon and Ha-Won. On the episode, we got some hints about Ha-Won’s early life. Kang Young Jin, the guy claiming to be her father, asked for a DNA test. Ha-Won, who never accepted him as her father, was supported by the test report as it proved that he was not her real father. Everything was fabricated simply for money. We hope the upcoming episodes will dig deeper into the subject.

No doubt, Ji-Woon and Ha-Won were going through a rough patch in their relationship, and Kang Young Jin’s presence only added fuel to the fire. How? On Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12, we saw Ji-Woon helping out Ha-Won’s so-called father financially. Sadly, he (Ji-Woon) had to face the hatred of Ha-Won after she found out what he did.

Rightly said: “There are no relationships which are all roses and no thorns!” There will be highs and lows in a relationship, and it’s crucial to know how to survive the storms together. On a positive note, after everything was over, Ji-Woon finally grabbed the opportunity to take Ha-Won out to spend some quality time. He finally poured out his heart to her. He also let her know how he bought candies for White Day, according to Movie News Guide. Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 witnessed one more intimate moment between these two. The episode showed them busy in their passionate lip-locking session.

Watch the epic kissing Scene from Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 12:

Does Ha-Won feel the same as Ji-Woong? Will she be able to express herself soon? Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 has opened up scopes for a new lovestory in the Sky House.

How things will take shape is yet to be seen.