A controversial report on the CIA’s interrogation techniques has gone missing and the 6700-page torture report is now raising concerns about its fate.

The largest ever terrorist attack on American soil and its aftermath are impossible to forget. But, the document which has details of Bush administration’s tortuous interrogation process has been deleted accidentally and the CIA’s inspector general has committed the blunder.

CIA was given a copy of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s full report on the agency’s history of brutal interrogation techniques right after its completion. The 67000-page torture report remained classified and a 500-page executive summary was released to the public in 2014, reported The Hill.

However, CIA now claims that it inadvertently deleted both the electronic copy and the hard disc. It has admitted to accidentally deleting the reports which have fuelled the speculations on a potential cover-up and also indicates the incompetency of the agency, as per news.com.au.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) was the chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee in December 2014 and the driving force behind the report, sent a letter to CIA and Justice Department confirming the destruction of the report and seeking a new copy of it.

Dianne Feinstein wrote in her letter, “Your prompt response will allay my concern that this was more than an ‘accident’. The CIA IG should have a copy of the full study because the report includes extensive information directly related to the IG’s ongoing oversight of the CIA.”

Feinstein confirmed that the report was “highly critical of the CIA’s actions and rightfully so”. At the same time, she also admitted that one cannot forget about the fear that existed post 9/11 attacks.

The human rights advocates are enraged by the deletion of the 6700-page torture report and many of them also suggested that it is a conspiracy to erase the torturous past from the history.

A twitter user Hott Scoff commented on the goof, “CIA watchdog accidentally deleted only copy of 6700-page report.” Well, at least the watchmen’s watchers are inept. MS Word auto-recovery?”

Another twitter user Rohan Smith tweeted, “We’ve all been there, accidentally erasing secret military documents. Cut them some slack.”