A month after the death of WWE star Chyna, the death certificate is out. The document, meanwhile, revealed she is not going to have a grave.

The death certificate, which was obtained by TMZ, provided that her final resting place will be “at sea.” The details for her ashes to be spread “at sea” can be seen just above the name of the funeral establishment.

The WWE star’s parents’ names are also listed in the document along with her agent and best friend, Anthony Anzaldo, who was the informant of the document.

Chyna, who is Joan Marie Laurer in real life, died on April 20 at Redondo Beach, California.

The cause of Chyna’s death is still under investigation but earlier reports already revealed that law enforcement officials believe she died of accidental overdose.

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Shortly after the WWE star died, Anzaldo said in an interview that her brain will be donated to science.

“We want to donate her brain,” he shared to Daily News. “We want to know what made Chyna tick.”

The agent shared that lawyers have reached out to the wrestler way before her death to check if she is interested in filing a brain injury lawsuit against WWE. However, Chyna’s side did not have interest in the litigation but they were “intrigued by the science.”

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In the weeks leading up to Chyna’s death, a video compilation by TMZ Sports showed just how much she struggled emotionally. The video clip hinted that she has been drinking alcohol as she even talked about spilling booze at one point.

Another shot showed her sporting a bruise on her right eye. The WWE star claimed she sustained the injury when she was attacked at the liquor store.

Uproxx noted that if the videos were “cries for help,” it was unheard until Chyna’s death.