It was earlier reported that a 27-year-old man armed with two guns and a knife fatally shot The Voice singer Christina Grimmie.

Police said on Saturday that the gunman traveled to Orlando from another city in Florida, with the sole objective of killing the singer. The gunman was identified by Orlando police as Kevin James Loibl, 27, of St. Petersburg, Florida.

It was late Friday when Christina Grimmie was shot. The incident took place after the singer had just finished her show with “Before You Exit” at the Plaza Live Theater.

The 22-year-old singer was shot while signing autographs and meeting fans. Minutes after shooting her, Loibl shot and killed himself. He did that right after he was tackled by The Voice singer’s brother, Marcus.

According to USA Today, she died approximately five hours later at an Orlando hospital.

The gunman had no previous criminal record, says Police Chief John Mina.

Mina also said that Loibl had gone to Orlando to perform this heinous act. Police also believe that the gunman had made arrangements to go back to the city after he had shot the singer.

According to IBI Times UK, Loibl has been profiled as a “deranged fan.” Although police are still trying to figure out the motive behind the killing, they are of the opinion that he was acting on his own.

Several reports confirm that detectives will be meeting Christina Grimmie’s parents in an attempt to figure out a possible connection between the singer and the gunman.

Detectives also went to the suspect’s hometown to comb through his residence and any computers or other evidence.

However, as of now, no motive has been officially disclosed.

Mina said that the suspected gunman planned to exit Orlando by some form of public transportation.

“There is is no car that we are looking for,” Mina said.

“He did make travel arrangements to get back where he was going.”

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Mina also mentioned that the gunman went up to her and “opened fire, striking her.” He stated that the security guards present at the theater would search bags of concertgoers when they arrive, but they do not use a metal detector.

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Wanda Miglio, a police spokeswoman, called the singer’s brother a hero, as he was the one who stopped the suspect from hurting anyone else.