Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are all set to team up for the new movie Passengers, an “Outer Space” version of the Titanic. Here are five things that make it stunning.

Two New Worlds

Jennifer boards the spaceship to meet her distant relative. She finds Chris who is a mechanic. He turns out to be totally opposite of Jennifer in terms of personality. He is old-fashioned for this new world and wants a new life, Teen Vogue reports.“Jim is a mechanic and he is the type of guy who fixes things,” Pratt said to Inquister.

“He uses his hands. But in the world we live in, when something breaks, you don’t fix something, you buy a new one. So he’s become obsolete and wants to travel to a distant planet, to a new world and distant future, hoping he’ll be useful.” Jennifer and Prat find that they have nothing similar in them. Prat is a mechanic travelling in the cheapest ticket possible whereas Jennifer has “fancy foods like eggs Benedict and a beautiful cabin.”

Lots of Hibernation and Time Travelling

The people in the ship travel to colonise the new planet. This seriously involves a hibernation period, where the characters sleep. The duo, Jennifer and Pratt, has a journey alone while the other passengers hibernate for 90 years.

Oscar Worthy Movie

Critics even say that the movie can be Oscar worthy, Movie Pilot reports. This high tech movie leaves behind  Gravity and Interstellar . Chris Pratt says it is the best original script he ever read.

Chemistry between Jennifer and Pritt

During their course of travel, they fall in love with each other and discuss their projects. The two actors have been hugely successful in their past movies and Tom Rothman from Sony Pictures feels that the pair would hit off comfortably well.

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Titanic Remake With Different Ending

Just like the iceberg of the Titanic and the sinking of the ship, there is something similar in the movie. Pratt gave viewers a hint. But, unlike Titanic in which DiCaprio dies, the two here will be alive.