Chris Gayle has just released a serialized version of his autobiography, Six Machine. Using the extracts to explain himself, Gayle has retaliated against his former teammates’ criticism of his behavior.

“Don’t hate me just because I’m not what you want me to be. Don’t hate me because I’m not who you are. I am me and I am honest. I stand by my friends and my friends stand by me.”

Last January, Chris Gayle was slapped with a $10,000 fine by his club, Melbourne Renegades, ESPN reports. This happened after he made a proposition on sports reporter Mel McLaughlin. Trying to salvage the situation, Gayle teased McLaughlin with a “Don’t blush, baby” comment.

He clarifies in his autobiography excerpt that for him, T20 and the Test are two different things. He calls T20 “chilled and fun,” stating that his answer was merely informal and fun, Fox Sports says.

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Due to his sexist remarks, he came under fire from all sides. However, his most staunch critics were his former teammates.

He took down his teammates one by one starting off with Chris Rogers. After the McLaughlin incident, Rogers took to the radio saying that Gayle’s behavior was a pattern, and that he did not set a very good example for his younger teammates.

Chris responded in his published excerpt, saying Chris Rogers was just as guilty as he is since Rogers was also with him at the bar most nights.

He then blasted Andrew Flintoff who tweeted a scathing comment about the incident. Calling Andrew “Freddie Flintstone,” Gayle divulged that due to Flintoff using Viagra, his game suffered the day after.

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Ian Chappell called for a worldwide ban against Chris Gayle.

“Ian Chappell, calling for me to be banned worldwide. Ian Chappell, a man who was once convicted of unlawful assault in the West Indies for punching a cricket official. Ian Chappell, how can you ban the Universe Boss? You’d have to ban cricket itself,” Chris Gayle wrote.

However, even after these retaliations against his former teammates’ criticisms, Gayle’s present club Somerset is still willing to let him play. Somerset chief executive Guy Lavender has said that they found Gayle’s cricketing to be fantastic. Somerset is currently playing in the NatWest T20 Blast.