New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump for the 2016 elections, and started a confrontation with Marco Rubio. He called the Senator “Desperate” and “Unfit” for the upcoming US elections.

Christie came unannounced in the debate and gave his spicy statements about Rubio and about the endorsement “I will lend my support between now and November in any way for Donald,” he said. In addition, the governor said that Rubio was “desperate” and described his performance as a “fake, consultant-driven performance.”

On the other hand, Trump is not yet over with giving some negative comments about Rubio. The Republican candidate called Rubio “a low life, a nasty little guy, a basket case and a choker who sweated so much he had to put makeup on with a trowel,” according to CNN.

Based on previous reports, the declaration of endorsement interrupted a 48-hour attack from feisty Rubio. Rubio is known for “adopting” numerous “Trump strategies” and making flowery insults, as he continues to “arrest” Trump in the march to the Republican nomination.

Rubio called Trump “wet pants” and that he had no place in the White House in Washington. Rubio mocked Trump as he said that Trump had one of those little “sweat mustaches,” borrowing Trump’s “sweating”. He also added that Donald should make sure that he did not wet his pants, according to New York Times.

Going back to Christie’s endorsement, political analysts expect that this sudden endorsement of Christie can boost the popularity level of Trump. Christie believes that Trump can change and make America great again. The governor will now be on the side of Trump during the election campaign.

The war between Trump and Rubio makes the 2016 US election more interesting. Every candidate is hitting blow by blow just to earn a sit in the White House.