Chris Brown is surely not focusing on the past. Now that he’s a dad, the singer recently shared that he has changed and bid farewell to his old self.

In an Instagram post, the singer shared a photo with a caption, “I murdered the person I used to be.” As mentioned on Hollywood Life, the actor is “clearly referencing his troubled past” – which included facing legal issues.

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Last year, the singer was supposed to have a concert in Australia. But because he was not granted an Australian visa, his concert tour was cancelled. According to reports, the government denied him entry due to a history of domestic violence.

Now, the 26-year-old singer is focusing his time on being a dad to Royalty, his little girl. Chris Brown even named his most recent album after her.

Chris still goes to parties to have a good time. Recently, he was spotted with TV personality Scott Disick partying at a club. However, he has been a good influence on Scott.

A source told the site,

“[Scott] has pictures of all three of his kids tucked in his wallet, and when he’s tempted to have a cocktail, he’ll reach into his pocket and look at their faces and know that drinking is not more important than his family.

It’s a little trick Chris taught him. Chris told Scott that every time he’s about to buy cigarettes or do something else he knows he shouldn’t, he takes out that picture of Royalty and that brings him back to his center.”

In another report by Hollywood Life, the site mentioned that the two are putting family first. They now have a stronger friendship and have been encouraging each other to stay sober. They have been each other’s “support system,” the site noted.

Do you believe that Chris Brown has changed?