Chris Brown has been sued once again by a fan for allegedly stealing his cap and bullying him.

Marq Stevenson, who attended Brown’s show in Dallas last year, claimed he was bullied by the singer’s camp after he tried to get back his hat signed during the concert, TMZ reported.

Stevenson claimed he handed over the cap to a member of Brown’s crew. However, the cap was never signed nor returned to him. According to the lawsuit, the fan now considers the hat a stolen property and wants to be paid for it.

Stevenson is seeking $2,750 — $2,500 over the alleged bullying, $25 for the lost hat and additional $225 to cover the cost of his seat at the concert. TMZ also noted that Stevenson is no longer seeking for Chris Brown’s autograph.

Contact Music noted that this is not the first and most serious legal action filed by a fan against the R&B singer. Paul Briley, who was shot at the “Loyal” hitmaker’s gig in a nightclub in San Jose, California last year, sued Chris Brown after claiming that the venue had failed to implement security measures which would have prevented the shooting. His lawsuit added that there had been previous reports of violence at Rihanna’s former beau’s gigs, and the nightclub bosses and Brown should have anticipated the risk and searched concertgoers for weapons.

The news of the latest lawsuit came days after a judge rejected the request of the mother of Brown’s child, Nia Guzman, to have the singer’s visitation rights reduced. The judge said the couple should continue sharing joint custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Royalty.

The “Forever” singer has also been caught up in a child custody battle against Guzman, who claimed he is unfit to care for their child because of his alleged drug use, Ace Showbiz wrote. Guzman also accused Brown of causing their daughter’s asthma because he smokes around her, Daily News reported.

Earlier this month, Chris Brown and his crew were reportedly kicked off a private jet for smoking pot in the cabin, Daily News wrote in another report. No arrest was made but according to TMZ, members of Brown’s crew took a video of the incident on Snapchat.

Brown immediately denied any wrongdoing on a video shared on Instagram. “I see something on TMZ about how we got escorted off a plane. Well, how the hell we in Cannes if we got escorted off a plane?” he said. The video has been removed since.