Parents have been warned to take care of their child’s online behavior following the death of a 13-year-old boy who is believed to have died because of his participation in the online choking game. The chocking game is considered as “’the good boys’ game” that has no drugs or alcohol involved. The young people are required to capture their videos while choking and then post the same online. They do so without even realizing the lasting damage to be caused to them or kill them.

The principal of the north Brisbane Catholic school for boys informed parents about the incidence via an email on Monday. The mail intended towards requesting the parents to carefully monitor their kids’ online behaviour and also educate them about the harmful effects and dangers associated with the online gaming. He also mentioned that the boy’s parents wanted the information to be public so that other parents are alarmed about the online influence of the games on their kids.

Police Investigates Death Links With Choking Game

Police have been investigating the matter that is believed to have links with the choking game. A report from a coroner is awaited on the death of the child on December 30. The report will focus on identifying whether the game was responsible for the consequences. According to reports children have to keep on choking themselves in the videos until they are unconscious.

Queensland’s Federation of Parents and Friends Association of Catholic Schools executive director Carmel Nash seconded that the parents must be aware about the level of the online craze in the kids. “They are kids, they are not aware of the dangers and the consequences, and it really is the parents’ job to talk to kids about it and for schools to make sure they are making parents aware,” she said as quoted by Brisbane Times.

The school clubs also paid a tribute to the online game victim via Facebook post as he was an aspiring cricket and AFL player. His cricket club members addressed him as a team player with “true spirit of friendship and cricket.”

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