A Chinese tourist fell into a hotel pool in northern Queensland and was pulled out of the water in an unconscious state.

The man, 42, stayed at the Palm Clove hotel in the north of Cairns. He drowned in the pool on Wednesday. Although he was immediately pulled out of the water, he died on the spot. A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman confirmed that CPR was conducted prior to his death.

The spokesman told AAP that they were called to the hotel immediately following the incident. However, it was still not known whether the tourist was accompanied by a group or was travelling alone. Police said they were preparing a report for the coroner and were working in coordination with the Chinese consulate.

Advocate Kat Plint recently revived the issue of pool safety in Queensland. She has been fighting for establishment of proper pool safety standards since her daughter drowned in 2007. Plint is the executive director of Hannah’s Foundation and she has been campaigning in favour of specification of proper pool standards to minimise the number of drowning incidents across Queensland.

Pool laws were passed in 2010, but the pool owners were given five years to comply with the law. Plint said she was glad to see how Queensland accepted the change and she expected other states to follow the same. “It’s so important to keep children safe,” the ABC quoted her as saying in a recent report. “Through our advocacy since Hannah’s death, 11 pieces of legislation – which were too confusing for councils to manage – have been abolished and replaced with the ‘one law, one pool’ regime.”

She advocated that pools must be registered under pool safety register and failing to do might demand a penalty of up to $2,356. Plint said that all the pools in Queensland need to comply with the same law and prevent loss of lives because of drowning incidents.