Most parents want their children to be tough so that they can face the challenges of life fearlessly and with ease. However, two backpacker Chinese parents did not content themselves by wishing their child to be tough, rather, they trained her in such a way that she already can give competition to any child of her age. The parents of four-year-old Chinese toddler Pan Wenwen have taken her on hikes for 15 km a day.

Pan Wenwen’s parents, Pan Tufeng and Yuan Duan are hiking with their daughter in mountains as well as border areas. They started their journey since she was one year and three months old. The couple said that they walked about 15 to 30 km a day and 8 months a year. During this period, Wenwen did not get special treatment like others of her age. She was treated like a grown up and she had to have wild herbs and sleep in a tent like her parents.

It is hard to imagine a four-year-old walking on snow mountains and in jungles. But Wenwen has already had these experiences and  the family has walk passed many provinces and regions like Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Tibet and Guangdong, according to

The father of  Pan Wenwen , Pan Tufeng, said, “I wish my child can be individual and tough, and she can adjust herself from setbacks after those hiking practice. I’m quite strict (on) her. When we were hiking, she cried because of blisters on the feet but she has to keep walking. I care for her but I want to train her anti-pressure ability. There will be bigger challenges in her future. ”

He added, “Wenwen has learnt to be independent since she was two-and-a-half years old. She is young and small and sometimes she get sick, but is strong and manages to overcome any hardships along the way.”

Meanwhile, some critics have opposed the Wenwen’s parent’s decision to train their daughter in this way. They expressed their concerns over the little one’s welfare and also argued that the girls should be in school instead of embarking on an adventurous journey with her parents, as per Mashable.

However, such negative observations cannot affect the decision taken by Wenwen’s parents. They are confident that their daughter has grown stronger and more independent than her peers leading a comfortable life in a big city.