Four-time gold medalist Greg Louganis has revealed the Chinese secret to Olympic success. The US Diving Team may or may not follow it anyway.

The Olympian was asked for his fearless forecast for the US Olympics team for diving. Greg also readily gave his opinion on which countries to watch out for in the upcoming Rio Olympics 2016.

He mentions David Boudia, the US Diving defending champion, is the athlete to watch along with his diving partner, Steele Johnson. Boudia bagged the gold medal for the Men’s 10-meter platform last 2012 in the London Summer Olympics. Partnering with seasoned Olympian Boudia is 19-year old Johnson who has 5 individual 10-meter national titles.

Before Rio Summer Olympics, Boudia and Johnson have already tested their compatibility as athletes when they bagged the bronze medal for the synchronized 10-meter at FINA World Series in Dubai, according to the official Team USA site. This win gives ample evidence for Greg’s fearless forecast as the pair goes for their 5 synchro 10-meter crowns gold medal quest.

Greg also mentions Russia and Mexico as having some incredible divers. However, with WADA’s investigation on Russia’s doping allegations, Russia’s diving platform may be vacant.

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However, Greg thinks the whole world should be watching out for China. With China losing the gold to Boudia and settling for silver in the last Summer Olympics, their divers will certainly be hungrier for the gold medals.

Asked what’s the Chinese secret is for their Olympic success, Greg mentions that their main advantage is genetic. Due to their “small stature, lean” physique, Chinese divers find it easy to look graceful yet powerful at the same time.

However, Greg Louganis muses it may also be linked to their diet.

“It’s in the rice,” Greg quipped to the TMZ team. Chinese diet consists of rice as the main staple. Can this really be the Chinese secret to their Olympic diving success?

Louganis remains one of the top Olympians in the diving category with 4 golds.

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Last 2012 Summer Olympics in London, China bagged 10 Olympic medals, 6 of which were gold while Team USA broke their gold medal drought in the diving category when Boudia brought home the top spot for the men’s 10-meter diving category.

Maybe Team USA should follow 4-time Olympian Greg Louganis’ revamp their diet plan for divers and include Chinese rice to boost their winning success.

Rio Summer Olympics 2016 for the Diving Competition is scheduled to start on August 5 to 21 at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre.