The Chinese New Year comes this Monday, February 8th, and a lot of festivities are lined up for those who want to celebrate the event in Australia. You may want to paint the town red, grab Asian food, or even attend a K-Pop concert. If you’re Asian, your family may want more ideas on which food to prepare.

Events. The website “Australian Chinese New Year” has a list of events covering how the Lunar New Year will be celebrated across Australia. Take your pick from the area where you will be on the dates spanning the Lunar New Year, and find out which events, shows and concerts you’ll be able to attend.

Don’t forget to sample all the Asian food that the malls and the food fairs will offer. The best of Asia has always been about food, and you can’t afford to miss that!

What to Do. Aside from stuffing your tummy with yummy treats, K-Pop concerts, crafts activities, Asian-themed movie showings, and lion dancing celebrations are going to be part of the Lunar New Year’s festivities. Head on over to The Sydney Morning Herald for a comprehensive list of activities to take part in for the Lunar New Year. GoodFood also has a great list of Chinese New Year suggestions.

Recipes. Like most Asian families, your fam may have a list of Lunar New Year standard dishes that goes back several generations. However, this is 2016, and it’d be nice to change things up a little. GoodFood compiled a list of traditional Asian dishes, but with a twist from Australia’s best chefs.

Try Danielle Chang’s Jiaozi dumplings, Adam Liaw’s Chinese New Year menu, The Food Network’s curations, or Rasa Malaysia’s suggestions. It would be nice to see new dishes on your Chinese New Year spread this year.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year should be fun, festive, and memorable. It should stamp memories of being together with family, while honouring an age-old tradition. So join in the festivities and celebrate the turn of the Chinese Year!