Chinese women have given a new face to modern beauty trends. While the rest of the world is still busy in flaunting their attractive silhouette through posting photos online, the Chinese Internet scene seems to be moving right along its next viral challenge: measure the beauty of one’s legs with iPhone 6. Thousands of female citizens in China have begun overflowing in social media with photos of their smartphones covering their knees. This is supposed to be a trick of showing how thin they are.

As they say, “Every odd thing is a Style.” It may sound strange to many, but it has created a ripple in the web world.

According to Asiaone, the weird  “iPhone 6 legs” challenge involves scrunching your knees together while balancing an iPhone 6 on top  and then clicking a photo to share on social media.

The whole idea is to have your knees fully covered by the smartphone, which is about 5.44 inches long and 2.64 inches wide as per the official website of Apple.

“iPhone 6 legs”  has become a hot topic on Sina Weibo, the popular Chinese social media network . It has been reported to receive over 67 million views and 50,000 comments on this new trend.

One curious Weibo user responded,”Hopefully next there will be a challenge to measure stupidity.”

Another wondered and asked, “Was this challenge thought up by some Apple exec?”

One more commented, “Honestly, this is the worst one yet.”

“The main problem with this challenge is that you need an iPhone6 to do it, so bourgeois,” again quoted another user on the site.

However, the experts opine that the trend “iPhone 6 legs,” could be unhealthy since every woman will try to meet modern beauty standards of staying skinny!