A woman in Northern China woke up after 8 months in coma and found her boyfriend, who caused her the injury, at her bedside. She claimed that the man inflicted her with severe head injury.

The woman, 22-year-old Lin Yingying, accused her boyfriend of brutally beating her across the head. The boyfriend allegedly beat her over burnt bread. She also revealed that it was not the only time he hit her. He had a history of violence.

Local media in Lianong, had potrayed Liu Fenghe as hero, as he sat at her bedside throughout her time in hospital. They also reported that Liu spent 200,000 Yuan (AU$41348.29) for her treatment, reported Mail Online. They depicted him as a loving selfless man.

At that time, he said, “I want to take care of her for (the) rest of her life. Even if I have to push her around in a wheelchair, I would be happy.”

However, when reporters asked him how Lin got hurt he was reluctant to answer. Doctor after diagnosis said that her head was injured from falling from at least five storeys.

25-year-old Liu attacked her when she accidentally burned some loaves of bread in the bakery they both manage. Lin’s last memory of the incident was that she fell down on the floor and Liu shouted for an ambulance. According to Lin, Liu took care of her in the hospital and spent the huge amount of money out of guilt.

In January last year she was released from the hospital and Liu took her to his home. Her family was prevented from meeting her but they decided to take her home to care for her themselves. After she came back to consciousness she started revealing the violence she underwent. Lin said that it was her father’s encouragement which gave her the courage to speak, reported Independent.

He encouraged her by saying, “You have died once, what more are you afraid of? It’s time to confront reality”.

Lin was released from hospital February last year and regained consciousness in May. Police are investigating Lin’s case.

Violence against woman is not rare. Recently, a boyfriend in California kept his girlfriend in a dog crate for around four months.