This video of a Chinese toddler protesting on behalf of his grandmother on the busy streets of China is absolutely  heart-warming. The video is going viral since it was posted by a Chinese daily on April 14th.

The video has managed to get four million views within a week and viewers have been over-dosing on his cuteness. The comment section has been filled with mixed reactions as the toddler was seen protesting against the urban management force. Although some were sharing the video captioning it as cute, some were angry and sad with the behaviour of the authorities. “This kid is awesome. Can I keep him?” writes one of the viewers. “It’s fun but sad,” writes another. “This not cute nor funny, this is sad. what must’ve happened that a toddler felt threatened enough to react like that,” adds another. “ Wow, this kid’s future sure will be promising,” and the list goes on. 

Hence, we see viewers sympathising with the act of this toddler. However, they were also immersed in his angry adorable gestures. There was hardly anything that they could have done to calm down the toddler. He was seen using a steel pipe trying to defend his grandma from the urban management who were enforcing rules on landscaping, parking and city sanitation and clamping down on illegal street vendors.

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The toddler protesting was captured shouting “don’t touch my grandma. Go away, don’t touch my grandma!” repeatedly while he held a steel pipe twice his height. He was also trying to push the authorities who were trying to calm him down. Onlookers’ laughter was heard throughout the whole video.

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The video was originally posted on the Chinese micro-blogging platform Weibo. Watch the video and get a glimpse of the cuteness as well as the stark reality which has forced the little kid to react in this manner.