A man stabbed 10 school children and killed himself afterwards in southern China on Monday. Two of the children were severely injured. They were hospitalized but all of the victims have survived, the state media reported. The school children were aged around 8.

The attackers stabbed six boys and four girls outside the premises of an elementary school in the city of Haikou in the southern province of Haihan, reported Reuters. The two children, although seriously injured, have injuries that were not life threatening.

According to South China Morning Post, the owner of a noodle shop across the road from the school saw the man ruthlessly stabbing the children as they were about to leave school for their lunch break. The man also informed that the weapon was a coconut knife which is very common in the province. It was more than 20cm long.

According to another witness a boy was the attacker’s first victim and “his head was chopped open.”

A 45-year-old man from Chengmai of Hainan, Li Xijun, was identified as the attacker. He was reportedly seen later lying in a lane near the school.  And it is thought that he had killed himself. The investigating police said that it was a “vicious criminal case brought on by extreme actions”.

There is a surge in knife and axe attacks in China in the recent years. Most of these incidents are carried out by people with mental health issues. In 2010, a man killed eight children in an elementary school in Fujian. In 2014 a man fatally stabbed 3 children and killed himself by jumping from a building in west China, reported CNN. In yet another incident in 2012, a man wounded 23 students.

There is also a surge in crime against left behind children in the country which led the government to create some stricter laws for the safety of these children.

Reportedly, children kidnapping cases are also increasing in  China and there were cases where social media proved a great help in the rescue operations.