A Chinese baby boy, pronounced dead by the hospital staff, awoke before he was about to be cremated, reports Zhejiang TV’s Channel 6. The baby named An An spent 15 hours inside a morgue refrigerator at -12 degrees Celsius before a worker retrieved him, saw him crying, and then contacted his father, Lu.

An An was born prematurely after a seven-month pregnancy on Jan. 8 at the Pan’an People’s Hospital in Zhejiang, a coastal province in southeastern China. The physicians insisted to place An An in an incubator for a month but the father brought the baby home for the Chinese Lunar New Year, after only 23 days.

However, Lu’s decision backfired, An An’s face turned purple two days later and the family rushed the boy back to Pan’an. On Feb. 4, the baby’s state worsened. Chen Shuanghua, the paediatrician, declared An An not breathing and pulseless. Another doctor filed the baby’s death certificate.

CENDoric Donell | Australia Network News


Around 6 p.m. that day, Lu wrapped An An in two layers of clothing before sending him to the morgue of Pan’an Funeral Home. The miracle happened at 9 a.m. the following day, when An An was heard crying after the worker pulled him out of the morgue’s refrigerator.

The scheduled cremation was cancelled, the boy’s father was contacted, and the baby is currently under emergency care. Observations are still ongoing but Chen says that the odds for survival are very low.

Nevertheless, Chen calls this incident a miracle. The paediatrician has been in the medical field for more than 20 years but cannot explain how this happened. A similar incident happened in Argentina in 2012.

The director of the hospital says the staff made a mistake by failing to confirm the baby’s death a second time before giving the death certificate. The Pan’an People’s Hospital is currently negotiating with An An’s family regarding further treatments.