Officials in China have constrained the Television by banning gay romance. Chinese censor said that TV shows should not telecast storylines involving gay relationship. According to the new guidelines,  the topics, which “exaggerate the dark side of society”, are also banned.

China Television Drama Production Industry Association website posted the eight page document, which was dated 31 December but was just extensively reported in the media this week. The document came to public notice after a gay high school drama was suddenly removed.

The document also prevents TV dramas from showing “an unhealthy concept of marriage”- like extramarital affairs and one night stand, reported Pink News.

Contents like witchcraft practices, possession, reincarnation, feudal superstitions, gruesome criminal cases will  also be banned. The document also mentioned that contents that has “adverse effects on minors”- such as smoking, drinking, fighting and love between minors will not be featured.

The regulations read, “No television drama shall show abnormal sexual relationships and behaviors, such as incest, same-sex relationships, sexual perversion, sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual violence, and so on.”

According to the New York Times, the measures taken by the censor will be a new challenge for popular video websites like iQiyi and Youku. These websites have been extremely benefitted for lack of government regulations of online television. Statistics showed at the annual meet of the National Television Industry Annual Conference last week indicated that Chinese video platforms produced 805 shows with total of 12,000 episodes last year. In 2013 it was 200 shows with 800 episodes.

Li Jingsheng, head of the television division at the state media administration said in the conference, “Television programs should have not only attractive actors, but they should also demonstrate value.”

He added, “They should not only be easy on the eyes, but also be nurturing for the heart. They should not only entertain, but they should also be educational.”

However, the ban on gay romance in TV has been highly criticized by public. The LGBT community is angered by the new policies. They said that the guidelines are irrelevant in the country which is beginning to accept gay relationships, reported CNN.

Recently, reports were there that a gay couple was battling for right to marriage in China.