A CCTV footage showing a man dragging a woman along the corridor of a China hotel in Beijing caused public outrage in the country. The man was apparently attempting to abduct the woman in full view of the bystanders.

The video with the hashtag #WomanhasbeenattackedinHeyihotel was posted by the woman after midnight on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, on Monday. It has been viewed over two billion times since then. The police said that the incident is still under investigation and that Yitel hotel’s parent company has apologised.

Wanwan, the name the woman used in posting the video, said that the unknown man approached her in the hotel corridor and wanted to know which room she was in.

“I said ‘What do you want? I don’t know you’ and then he started to drag me away. He clutched my neck and face so I couldn’t breathe,” the BBC quoted her as saying. “When I tried to run downstairs, he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me towards the stairway.”

The video showed the man making a phone call asking someone to assist him. Wanwan kept on calling for help. She said a staff member had spotted them arguing but decided not to intervene, thinking they were a couple.

A female guest came forward to help her and saved her from the attacker.

“I was calling the police. He is telephoning someone and asking a guy to come over,” the Telegraph.co.uk quoted her as saying. “He is trying to drag me into the lift.”

She complained in her post of the indifference of the China hotel staff and the police on the incident.

The incident outraged millions who condemned the hotel staff, onlookers, and the police for not helping the woman. In recent years, there have been many incidents in China in which bystanders refused to help those in need.