A young child was found locked in a room for a long period at an Eland property in NSW. The property was actually a cannabis farm. Three adults were allegedly growing cannabis in the property and three other children were rescued from the same place. The other three children are between 1 to 9 years old.

The children have been taken into care by NSW Family and Community Services upon arrival of officers from Child Protection Unit, confirmed news.com.au. Police also discovered a sophisticated hydroponics set up beneath a spa bath at the property.

The children were kept in the worst condition and underwent inhuman treatment. SMH reported that the room where the boy was locked up was of two square feet and an uninsulated tin shed. The door was locked from the outside and only a mattress and a bucket was in the room. He was allowed out of the shed only to do chores. He informed the police that he was in the confinement for almost three weeks, irrespective of extremely high temperature or storm.

The police said that it was a shocking case. Detective Chief Inspector, Peter McKenna said, “we are thankful we got there when we did and that those children are now having the proper care that they need”. He also said that they were informed that drug was grown in the property but when they arrived at the scene they found the boys instead.

After 2 hours of rigorous search, they stumbled on a switch. McKenna said, “when the switch was flicked the humming noise kicked in and the deck started to roll back.”

Police have arrested two men aged 28 and 19, and a woman who is 26-year-old and also the boy’s mother. They are charged with cultivating large commercial quantities of cannabis which is prohibited.

According to Sky News, they were refused bail till they appear before Taree Local Court via an audio visual link on 2nd February.