A Chicago mom was accused of killing her disabled daughter.The mother, however, has been supported by family and friends. They testified that she was a loving and caring mother to a disabled child.

Bonnie Liltz, 56, was initially charged with murder, as she was accused of giving  a lethal dosage of medication to her daughter, Courtney, 28, who happens to be suffering from cerebral palsy. Apparently, Liltz gave her daughter an overdose of her medication then took some of the drug herself with a glass of wine in an attempted suicide, reported Chicago Tribune. Liltz was charged with first-degree murder last year.

However, the Chicago mother’s supporters and friends testified on her behalf  and pleaded for leniency. They said that Liltz was a selfless single mother who devoted her life taking care of her sick adopted child whom she single-handedly raised. The supporters also stated that the Chicago mother, who was suffering from cancer and other ailments was worried about her daughter. She was worried that there was no one to take care of Courtney after she died.

Despite the girl’s disability, Liltz adopted Courtney when the she was 4 years old. In 2012, Liltz was hospitalised for her illness and she was forced to place Courtney was in a private facility during this period. The Chicago mom was heartbroken when it was time for her to take back Courtney from the private facility.

Liltz’s sister Susan said, “she was filthy, her clothes were filthy, she had diaper rash. It broke Bonnie’s heart to see Courtney like that.”

Susan also informed that Liltz never wanted to left her daughter into that situation again should she succumb to cancer. Consequently, she decided to take her daughter and her own life too, as stated by Mail Online.

Courtney attended a day programme and officials from her school and day programme also stated that Liltz was an involved and dutiful mother.

After friends and family’s statements supporting Liltz, prosecutors are showing leniency towards her case. Liltz could face probation or 3 to 14 years imprisonment  for involuntary manslaughter.