Looks like Casey’s political career on “Chicago Fire” is going to get a great lift. But, on the contrary, it is going impact his romance adversely with Dawson.

The firefighter’s new job that he’s taken on [in running for alderman] is really going to affect his relationship,” star Jesse Spencer stated to TV Line on Saturday, preceding Paley Fest’s greeting to Dick Wolf.

With the entry of Lauren Stamile as a political consultant, the relationship between Casey and Dawson started experiencing troubles. Lauren causes an instant spark in Casey, Spencer previews. “They’re denying it. It’s not fully conscious, but there is an attraction there.”

Lauren Stamile, was seen playing Nurse Rose on “Grey’s Anatomy” and the news of her joining in “Chicago Fire”  season 4 as a political dynamo  has created excitement among the fans. TV line’s sister website Deadline, quoted Stamile’s character as attractive, who is confident and has the gorgeous looks and intelligence. Deadline also reported that  her appearance will be recurring on the show.

However, looking at this present development between Casey and Stamile, one can assume that things won’t really go fine with his girlfriend. Or is she Casey’s fiancée? Questioned if the pair will ever speak up about  their relationship status precisely, Spencer answers, “They are ignoring it, and the more they ignore it, the worse it’s going to get. It’s going to flare up again.”

Coming to the Dawson’s engagement ring’s whereabouts, Spencer is as clueless as co-star Monica Raymund was when TV Line questioned her on the MIA rock last fall.“It’s sitting in a drawer somewhere?” the actor speculates with a laugh. “They don’t want to address it! She’s not going to wear it at work. Maybe she’ll pop it back out when things start getting rough – or she’ll give it back to me.”

Chicago Fire is coming back with new episodes on Tuesday, March 29 at 10/9c.