NBA star Dwyane Wade is married to actress Gabrielle Union, but even though he’s a lucky man, he would choose his best friend LeBron James over his wife. He shared that when it comes to knowing what he would like to eat, he would definitely let LeBron order for him.

“He knows exactly what to order for me. This might get me in trouble, but I would have LeBron order for me before I would let my wife,” shared Wade, as he spoke to Christine Quinlan of Food & Wine. “She’d get me nine different things to be sure there’s something I like. LeBron just knows,” he explained.

Wade was talking to the magazine about a new wine business that he started with Pahlmeyer Winery. He teamed up with the wine producer to come up with his own Cabernet vintage. He chose 2012, the year he won the NBA championship with the Miami Heat.

Despite choosing his buddy LeBron when it comes to picking an order from a menu, Wade admits that he lets his wife take control of the kitchen at home. He shared that he and his wife had built homes in Miami and LA, and have also started to get into the house flipping business. While he gets involved with most of the renovations, Gabrielle is in charge of the kitchen.

According to Bleacher Report, Wade and LeBron have been friends since they both entered the NBA in 2003. They initially played for separate teams but eventually got together in Miami for four years. Wade now plays for the Chicago Bulls while LeBron is with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now that they are no longer teammates, they still spend a lot of their free time together. They work out and train together as well as spend their off-season holidays together with their respective families.