Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose is performing at an all-time low as he obtains his lowest average score in a season.

A CBS article said that in more than 50 games, Rose shot only 27 percent from the arc and 43 percent from the field. He had the lowest value replacement player (VORP), lowest PER for a season played with over ten games, and lowest assist percentage.

Despite all that, Derrick Rose still looks on the good side of life and never lost his self-confidence. He told Chicago Tribune that people will appreciate what he has accomplished and overcame when his career will finally be over.

Rose said, “I always say to myself that people are going to appreciate me after I’m done. Especially the players in the future when they look back on my career.”

Rose only has a year left on the five-year $94.3 million extension of contract he had signed after receiving an NBA MVP award.

He further said in his interview that he does not need to be in the All-Star because he already feels like an All-Star.

“I could go the rest of my career and not be an All-Star. But as long as I’m out there showing you how much I work on my game and helping the team win, that’s cool. I’m blessed to play. I realize that,” Rose said.

Rose recalls the injuries he had suffered saying that he feels like people forget what he had undergone. After three rehabs and three injuries, the player still feels proud of his accomplishments and feels that he had to go through so much before he can reach the top.

Derrick Rose acknowledged that he’s had success early in his career but then his injuries put him back into his place and that there is nothing more to do but to work his way back to the top again.